The Start of a New Era

Changing the Head Coaching Position for the Football Team

As the football season came to a close, Athletic Director Kyndall Waters announced that former Head Coach Eddie Garfinkle was to be relieved of his position following the end of the season. Coach Garfinkle was allowed to finish the season out of respect for his nine years of dedication and relentless hard work for the football program.

The following days brought a sense of unease and unknowing for what most of the football team would describe as anxious anticipation for what lies ahead. Waters helped relieve some of these concerns by announcing that Tony Joe White has been named the new head coach for the next season.

“We obviously [were] looking for someone who can win us ball games, someone with a proven success record,” Waters says. “But also someone who cares about our student athletes, engages in a family environment, and is enthusiastic, energetic, and positive.”

This positive energy is important in reviving the football team due to some of the issues that our athletes struggled with this past year. Practices tended to be monotonous, and energy and motivation was low. The team felt as though it was in a rut.

“We do the same thing every day," football captain Jalon Hollie says. "This past season was really silent, really quiet, and we had to bring the energy ourselves, which is very hard to do, especially when coming straight from academics to football.”

In looking towards the future, Waters is hopeful for a successful football program. This success is centered on successful coaching.

“To me, a successful coach is someone who can recruit student athletes, engage them, and more importantly, retain them. [I would also like to see] someone who can make our student athletes feel like every single time they compete, they have a chance to win,” Waters says. “It does not necessarily mean that we have to win the conference every year, but having a chance to be a competitor for a conference championship is very important and, to me, is what a successful BSC football program is.”

Even further down the road, Waters is hopeful that the new program and the new head coach will lead the Birmingham-Southern football team to compete on the National level.   

Feature photo via Angela Petulla