Limousine Liberalism

The Case Against Hillary Clinton

If Americans elect Hillary Clinton as President, they will make history—for Mrs. Clinton represents a nearly unprecedented level of corruption, incompetence and arrogant liberalism.

Secretary Clinton and her husband represent a form of sneering cultural liberalism that aggravate millions of Americans who turn to populism to channel their anger. She proudly looks down her nose at millions of ordinary Americans and labels them a “basket of deplorables” for wanting to uphold traditional values. Mrs. Clinton’s disdain for average citizens manifests itself in a plan for a top-down bureaucratic state. Hillary’s vision for America mimics her own lifestyle—she seems to envision a nation run by a tiny intellectual elite in urban D.C. and New York. She yearns for a nation ruled by parasitic oligarchs who made their wealth off the public teat—just as she and her husband did.

The Clintons left the White House “dead broke.” Within a few years, they boasted a collective net worth of $111 million. While some of this came from their popular memoirs, much came from the speaking circuit—on which Secretary Clinton sold her political soul. For $225,000 a speech, Mrs. Clinton developed different “public and private” positions on issues such as banking and trade. Based on her comments to Goldman Sachs, the agenda of the likely next President of the United States is for sale. She has put the future of our nation on the auction block for the triangle of greed—an unholy alliance between Big Banks, Big Labor and Big Government.

Her fans point to Hillary’s lengthy record of public service as a rejoinder to these arguments. Yet aside from making her uniquely unsuited to lead a nation hungering for fresh ideas, her record exposes her lack of accomplishment. Americans may remember her time as First Lady for her failed health care plan that empowered bureaucrats over families. She spent her time as Senator focused on running for President, not passing legislation. And she bears the ignominious title of perhaps the least accomplished, least successful Secretary of State in the post-Cold War era. Her time in that position saw the rise of ISIS, the expansion of revanchist Russia and the disastrous overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi. When asked what her greatest accomplishment was, Secretary Clinton points to flying thousands of miles. To paraphrase Carly Fiorina, traveling is an activity, not an accomplishment.

Yes, if the American people elect Hillary Clinton President, it will be a historic moment. They will hand the forces of corrupt limousine liberalism and tired leftist internationalism an unprecedented victory.