Never Trump

Why I'm With Her and Why You Should Be Too

By now, most voters have heard the misogynistic remarks Donald Trump made in the video released by NBC and the numerous credible allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault that have been leveled against him since that video’s release. Even if you are willing to overlook Trump’s evident lack of basic morality, though you should not, the argument for his candidacy is weak at best. Trump has done more to undermine American democracy and damage international security than any presidential candidate in our history.

In the second debate, Trump threatened to jail his political opponent, should he win the election, which is behavior more characteristic of a dictator than a presidential nominee. Trump has whined that the presidential election, in addition to the Emmys, is “rigged” against him. He has also warned his supporters to watch for voter fraud, even though there have only been 31 verified cases of voter fraud out of the last billion votes cast in America. These false claims threaten the peaceful transfer of power that our democracy has enjoyed for the last 240 years and undermines the electorate’s faith in the legitimacy of our elections.

A Trump presidency would also threaten America’s security. He has indicated that he would allow countries like Saudi Arabia to acquire nuclear weapons, and his loose approach to nuclear proliferation would exponentially increase the risk of terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons and put us at risk of nuclear war. Trump’s desire to withdraw from international trade agreements, if implemented, will increase the prices of imported goods. He has even suggested abandoning our NATO allies to Russian aggression and has invited Russia to commit espionage against the United States. Trump’s business entanglements in the Middle East, Asia and Russia would make it impossible for him to conduct his presidency without unprecedented conflicts of interest, which we do not even know about because Trump will not release his tax returns.

It is easy for voters to make character judgements. They reflect negatively on both major party candidates. Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, but her shortcomings are not disqualifying like those of Donald Trump. She is easily the most experienced and qualified candidate to ever seek the presidency, and her detailed policy proposals will benefit nearly every American. Her plan to make public college tuition free for middle class Americans and to allow college graduates to refinance their federal loans should be one of the most important voting issues for millennials. In this election, we should not vote on the basis of the candidates’ personalities but in favor of the policies that will positively impact our lives. The contrast between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on questions of morality, temperament and policy could not be clearer. That is why I’m with her.