Celebrate Diwali: The Festival of Light

C3 Brings Light to Our Campus

On Wednesday, October 18th, the Cross Cultural Committee (C3) will host its annual Diwali celebration on Birmingham-Southern’s campus. BSC students will have the opportunity to eat food, light fireworks, and learn about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. 

This year’s C3 Diwali Coordinator, Teja Chintala, says that during the festival, “We have so much light all over the place. It’s supposed to be symbolic of the defeat of good over evil.” 

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The holiday of Diwali is officially on Thursday, October 19th, but BSC will celebrate it on Wednesday. Chintala believes that celebrating the festival of light on campus raises cultural awareness.

“It helps build community,” Chintala said, “[But] it’s also a way of bringing different cultures into the mix [by] making people more aware and making people feel more included because of the cultural differences.”

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Chintala has always enjoyed Diwali. “As a child, [we celebrated Diwali with] fireworks and wearing red and decorating the house with this powder called rangoli,” Chintala said. “You do little designs on the floor, and, [because] it’s supposed to be welcoming goodness and prosperity into your household. You do it right in front of your door.”

Similarly, Diwali at BSC will be celebrated through colors with fireworks and party poppers. It will also provide students an opportunity to sample various Indian foods while enjoying Bollywood music. The music will play in conjunction with videos on a projector to encourage students to learn more about the culture.

All photos courtesy of the Birmingham-Southern College Office of Communications