Residence Life Implements New Housing Selection System

Hopes to create a more fair and efficient system bring a new process into play

Last year the student body received an email from the Office of Residence Life, notifying them that the housing selection process had changed. Instead of a group’s highest lottery number determining when they would pick housing, it would then be the lowest. This occurred only a few days from selection, which caused backlash from students and made Residence Life realize that a change could not happen with such a short notice. However, students were assured that change would come the next year. That change is now here, but this time, Residence Life teamed up with SGA to improve the process.

“The Office of Residence Life is excited to move the Housing Selection process into the 21st  century by ending the tired and stressful process of conducting housing selection in one night in the Great Hall,” W. David Miller said. With a new housing portal acquired by Residence Life, students will be able to complete the process anywhere with an Internet connection. Only one member of the group will need to fill everything out, which will allow students with meetings or practices to stay on schedule.

Perhaps Miller’s largest change is how lottery numbers will be used. Instead of students selecting housing with the highest or lowest lottery number in their group, all group lottery numbers will now be averaged. Miller hopes that this will prevent large numbers of underclassmen from taking upperclassman housing while also giving groups with lower numbers a fair shot.

The new system was presented at an SGA Town Hall last semester, and it was met with favorable reviews. “During that forum, several students posed questions about the process, and Residence Life provided clarification and took that feedback into account to develop the new system,” Miller said. “The feedback from students at the forum was overwhelmingly positive.”

He hopes that this system will answer longstanding problems with housing selection while staying as fair as possible. “I know it won’t be perfect, and, for that, I apologize in advance,” Miller said. “All I ask is for students to give it a fair chance and recognize we have their best interest in mind and truly want to create a process that is equitable and less stressful than previous processes.”

The housing application will become available on March 1st. Room selection will occur April 3rd-14th.