In Case You Missed the Tuition Reset Announcement

BSC Just Saved the Marketplace 15 Years

Around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 12th, BSC’s first female president, Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith emailed a mysterious paragraph to the entire campus. The message was simple: come to Munger Auditorium at 11 a.m. to hear about new school initiatives and storm impacts.

The event’s commencement held the same air of mystery: while the room bustled with students and faculty, President Flaherty-Goldsmith said her stomach fluttered with butterflies from anticipation. She spoke some words of encouragement to those whose families were affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Following her condolences, the president, with a slightly trembling voice, introduced a short video to the crowd.

The first part of the video interviewed teens and their families struggling with financial hindrances in college selections – the film’s second half rattled Munger with cheers and unexpected applause:

Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, 'Southern’s tuition will reset to $17,650 per year – that's the 2002 rate and half of the current tuition cost.

The standard increase of 3.9% on returning students' tuition will no longer exist, and it is instead worked into the new cost, which will freeze once it is implemented. Over the course of a student's four years at BSC, this will save an average of $1,400 in tuition costs. Housing rates will also freeze for returning students, and the price of tuition, housing, and dining for new students will lower to a total of $29,950 before financial aid.

“This isn’t about cutting costs,” said President Flaherty-Goldsmith. “This is about increasing opportunity.”

In addition to reduced rates, ’Southern is adding new programs, including Architectural Studies and Creative Computing, as well as dual-enrollment options in pre-nursing with UAB and pre-law with Cumberland Law School.

“A lot of attention has been given to the future,” said David Smith, a graduate of the class of 1979 and current president of the BSC Board of Trustees. Smith added that the change benefits not only current students, but their friends who are now able to financially consider ’Southern as a college possibility.

Transfer students were included in this future, as well. Flaherty-Goldsmith said that articulation agreements are already set in motion with Jefferson State and Lawson community colleges, and she hopes that there will be eight more community college agreements by Christmas.

Letters are already being mailed to current students explaining how this change individually impacts them. BSC is also initiating a helpline for parents and students to learn more about the changes. Learn more by calling (205) 226-7600 or sending an email to The communications department also created an FAQ page here on the new BSC website.

Photo via the Birmingham-Southern College website

Photo via the Birmingham-Southern College website

“I think it’s going to make a difference,” said former BSC President General Krulak, who not only came to support the president and staff during the meeting, but also helped advise BSC in preparing for the transition. “I tip my hat to Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith and the faculty and staff who helped put it all together.”

The motto of this movement is “The marketplace spoke, and we listened.” Today, BSC showed listening to the results of the marketplace can have real results.

For more information about the tuition reset, visit the no-longer-mysterious meeting at Norton Theatre today, September 12, at 6:30pm to talk to staff from Admissions and Student Development in person.

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