BSC Students Create Steel City Soups

January Brings New Businesses to Campus

Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) students Steven Barber, Shaylyn Davis, Sarah Light and Angela Petulla created Steel City Soups, a local homemade soup business. Barber, Davis, Light and Petulla are senior business administration majors who teamed up this January to complete their capstone business project by creating a month-long business operation.

Steel City Soups sells a variety of homemade soups from a traveling hot bar that will be set up at numerous Birmingham businesses and public events in January. Each hot bar will feature two of the four soup options that Steel City Soups offers: taco soup, potato, broccoli-cheese and chicken noodle.

The ingredients and technique for each soup selection come from a family recipe; the Davis and Light families have made these soups for years. Partnering with Barber and Petulla, they will attempt to turn family traditions into a delicious business.

The founders of Steel City Soups.

The founders of Steel City Soups.

“These soup recipes have been in our family for generations,” Davis says. “We wanted to share our love of soup with the greater Birmingham area.”

The BSC business department challenges its students to create and operate their own businesses for their capstone projects. The students must create their product or service, successfully market it to the target population and distribute it in an effective manner.

Dr. Mary Harrison, Assistant Professor of Marketing, says that the business department designed the business capstone project so that students can gain experience in running their own small business with a small team on a very constrained budget. “Students get to be the CEO; CFO; CMO, making their own decisions,” Harrison says.

Participating students could create any type of business they wanted for their capstone projects. The quartet responsible for Steel City Soups hopes to help the Birmingham community warm up during the cold snap with hot bowls of soup for the month of January.

If you're a BSC student and would like to order a soup delivery, text 678-360-7641. To invite Steel City Soups to your office or next event, please call 423-710-6693 or email