Lessons and Carols

A BSC Tradition

Hope Tucker

Lessons and Carols, a beloved BSC tradition in its 82nd year, will be taking place on December 2nd at 4:30 pm at Canterbury United Methodist Church. Not only does this event count as a culture credit, but it is also a wonderful way to take a break from the stress of upcoming finals and kick off the Christmas season! For Freshman Concert Choir member Maria Potts, this service will be especially meaningful because it will be her first time to join in on a family tradition. Maria’s parents, Daniel and Ellen (Woodward) Potts (class of 1988) and her older sister Julie Potts (class of 2018) will be performing with the alumni choir, and Maria is eager to continue the family legacy. She says, “I have been going to the Lessons and Carols service since I was little, and it’s always been what I looked forward to because the music is always so pretty! Now, I can finally join the rest of my family and sing alongside them. I can’t wait!”

Senior Concert Choir member Becca Weston has similar sentiments, adding, “I’m really excited for carol service this year because, while it’s my fourth one, this is the first time my parents are getting to be a part of my favorite BSC tradition.” Becca’s parents will be making the long trek from the Washington, D.C. area to join her BSC family in welcoming the holiday season.

Want to hear an exciting variety of Christmas songs in English, Latin, and French as well as scripture readings by friends from departments all over campus? Then come out to Canterbury on December 2nd and be part of an eight-decade tradition.Your Hilltop family will be thrilled to have you.