Amelia Haston Brings an Olympian to Campus

A Look into the Role of the SGA VP

Each spring semester, BSC hosts its annual Stirling Speaker. The Stirling speaker series, named after Alex Stirling—a student who died of cancer in 1995—features a different speaker every year to discuss any range of topics. SGA VP Amelia Haston announced that this year's speaker is Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson East.

Haston says she was struck by the number of athletes on campus and wanted to pick a speaker who would address them, breaking from the tradition of political and motivational speakers.

“Shawn Johnson just had that star power that I was looking for,” Haston says, adding that she looks forward to hearing such an accomplished athlete after watching this year’s Winter Olympics. Haston hopes that East “inspires and uplifts” the students on BSC’s campus.

This year’s Stirling Speaker is just one of many projects SGA has attended to during the 2017-2018 school year. Haston says SGA is proud to be a part of several positive changes to the campus. Recently, SGA was able to provide new tables in front of the Lakeview dorms and replace the weight machines in Striplin, having not been replaced since Striplin’s construction. Haston and the rest of SGA hope to continue to foster a community-oriented atmosphere to keep the campus connected.

Haston’s time as an SGA representative for her freshman and sophomore dorms gave her an opportunity to see SGA exec up close. This experience helped her decide that the office of VP best aligned with her interests. She admits that the event planning aspect excited her as well, since she had been on the SGA Christmas Party committee for two years.

Not only does VP manage the Stirling Speaker and setup the SGA Christmas Party, but the vice president also runs all “Ask SGA Days” and town halls. As a freshman, Haston even managed the “It’s on Us” initiative on campus, raising awareness for domestic abuse.

Haston wants to continue engaging with students to help accomplish goals that the student body has in addition to SGA’s goals. She says they have looked at making changes to different parts of campus, including potentially changing how class registration happens online.

Overall, Haston has worked hard to accomplish personal goals and the goals of her committee. She says that they intend to continue working through the end of the term and are still planning events after the Stirling Speaker. One of her biggest goals is to engage with alumni and get them connected with the current student body.

Looking forward, she hopes to potentially run for the VP position again and continue to positively impact the school as much as possible through SGA.

Feature photo courtesy of Amelia Haston.