Small Classes Win Awards

A Reminder of of our National Ranking

A lot of freshmen beginning their years at Birmingham-Southern may wonder if small classes are really as awesome as they’re cracked up to be.

While the classes may be a bit awkward at times, Bagheera is here to remind everyone that these intimate experiences have won BSC some awards.

For example, on July 10th, Fiske named Birmingham-Southern as one of their 20 Best Value Colleges and Universities in the United States. The Fiske Guide, now in its 35th edition, was created by Edward B. Fiske, the longtime education editor for the New York Times.

The guide emphasized BSC’s blend of academics, community service, and an active campus.

“Small classes, a caring faculty, and an expanding menu of academic offerings continue to draw attention to this close-knit liberal arts school,” the guide reads, continuing that BSC is a good choice for students who “want to spend four years preparing, maturing, and challenging their minds so that they can make a difference in the world.”

It praised the college’s unique January Exploration Term as well as new and traditionally strong majors and advising programs in medicine, law, health sciences, art, theatre, music, urban environmental studies, and media and film studies, and more.

Vanderbilt also made it to the list.

So instead of feeling self-conscious in a small room with a brilliant professor, put a smile on your face and remind yourself that students at the other top nineteen value colleges and universities in the country may be feeling the same way.

It’s a good thing.