Crocs are Back

A Look We Can All Take Twice

Crocs are back and they’re here to stay. The recent comeback of the controversial shoe has generated various responses from millennials, a group who grew up in the midst of Crocs’ peak popularity. Some observers are repulsed by the unique shoe, arguing that they are hideous and have no place in the world of socially acceptable shoe wear. Others, however, have fully embraced the return of the Croc and openly sport the shoes in public. Let’s face it, though. There are only two types of people in this world: people who like Crocs and liars. I am a passionate advocate of Crocs.

The infamous brand was recently brought back into the spotlight amid rumors that the company is going out of business. These rumors are false. While the company is closing its manufacturing facilities and transferring production to third-party manufacturers, they have no plans to close. In late August, @Crocs tweeted, “FALSE ALARM: We aren’t going anywhere.” This tweet was followed by a statement from a company representative, assuring loyal fans that “our future is bright, bold, and colorful.”

Those who oppose the shoe argue that they are ugly. Junior Eva Byrum is one of these individuals. She states, “They are ugly, useless shoes that will survive the apocalypse like the cockroaches they are. They are only acceptable for parents who have given up the fight with Velcro and laces for their very young children; other than that, they shouldn’t be worn.” Many share Byrum’s passionate opinion on Crocs. The ugliness of the shoes, however, is the only argument against them.

The defenders of Crocs have many reasons why they are passionate about the brand. To begin, they are the most comfortable shoes a person can place on his or her feet. Have doubts? Put on a pair, and you will be pleasantly surprised. They are also versatile. The band on traditional Crocs allows you to wear the shoe as a sandal or as a closed-back shoe. Many refer to these functions comedically as “2-Wheel” and “4-Wheel” drive. In addition, the foam-like material of Crocs is waterproof, which is more than can be said for the overrated Birkenstock.

In fact, I used my eye-blindingly hot pink Crocs as my shower shoes throughout freshman year. Not only were they waterproof, but the many holes on the top and sides allowed water to easily drain. When in 4-wheel drive, the shoes also prevented me from slipping and falling. Sophomore Helen Montague also appreciates the waterproofness of Crocs, suggesting that they are the “duck boats of shoes – you can wear them in the water and on land.”

Still not convinced that Crocs are the best shoes on the market? One word: Jibbitz. Jibbitz are small charms that can be inserted into one of the many holes on top of the shoes. There are endless possibilities for how you can personalize your Crocs with Jibbitz. My pair, for example, is decorated with large white Jibbitz that spell out my nickname SMITE. Because of the beautiful personalization of my Jibbitz, my friends know exactly whose shoes are laying in the corner of the common room. These charms add versatility and creativity to an already epic shoe.

In the end, you either love Crocs or you hate Crocs. I personally feel that they are colorful, versatile, and fun. The debate is over. The shoe is playful and, more often than not, hilarious. Byrum agrees and concludes, “It’s a look, whether or not it’s a good one, and I appreciate that.”