Murder Uncovered in Hill Recital Hall

A Story about Love and Spirits

Hope Tucker

FOR YEARS, BSC music students have told stories of hearing strange noises in the basement practice rooms of Hill. Tall tales of spirits lurking behind the doors have circulated over the years, but one student has broken beyond the rumours and resurfaced the hidden truth. A Senior Philosophy Major who wishes to remain anonymous recently came to Bagheera claiming that not only did he speak to the ghost herself, but he has also made her his girlfriend.

The student first made contact with her in the spring of 2016 after a long night of rejections on the row. Frustrated and exhausted, he decided to save his last shred of manhood by taking a piece of gravel from the parking lot and scratching the word “Hi” into the large window in the entrance of Hill Recital Hall. What was meant to be just a harmless prank resulted in him making contact with the woman of his dreams, and he has graciously agreed to share with us her story.

Angela Lovegood, a soprano Music Major, died in 1979 in the middle of her senior recital as a result of (according to recent sources who choose to be anonymous) being slowly crushed by the astronomical weight of her voice teacher’s ego. While some call this murder, others point to asthma and suicide as the cause.

This tragic scene was hidden from the media after professors took the advice of fellow senior Lester Seigel, BSC’s current Joseph Hugh Thomas Professor of Music, who was heard shouting, “Oy, just shove her behind the organ already!” When asked for an interview, Seigel declined.

Because she was never laid to rest, she has never ceased haunting the Recital Hall, and more recently, her boyfriend’s heart.

“Sometimes, when I sit in the dark recital hall brooding over the futility of my own existence, her sweet voice wafts through the pipes of the organ to comfort me,” the future philosopher sighed dreamily. “With me and Angela, things don’t have to get physical; we just are. Sure, she can’t come home to meet my parents over for April Fool’s Day or Valentines or whatever, but she’s still the one I’m most thankful for.”

In an effort to be sensitive to Angela’s current state, the student did have one request: that we refrain from using any terms like “love of his life.” Instead, he has taken a tip from the great Lucy Maud Montgomery and decided that their relationship status should be “kindred spirits.”

Stay tuned for the story of the bloody glove that hangs in the theatre department.