Dream Crazier

Words of Advice for BSC Women

Mallory Schirm

During the Oscars last weekend, Nike ran the first of its “Dream Crazier” commercial campaign. This 90-second ad features women athletes from all sports that broke through barriers and blazed trails, including Simone Biles, Chloe Kim, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and Serena Williams.

In the commercial, Serena Williams’ methodical voice narrates about the life of women in sports and how they are labeled delusional, hysterical, and irrational. Then Williams narrates athletes’ achievements, calling them crazy. These achievements include being the first women to run a marathon, coaching an NBA team, landing a double cork 180, competing in a hijab, or winning twenty-three grand slams.

All crazy.

The ad closes urging women to “show them what crazy can do.”

This call to action comes at the perfect time. With International Women’s Day just around the corner – March 8th – it reminds women of all the “crazy” things we can do. All of us, even here on the Hilltop, can become powerful, empowered women. Although the Nike campaign is sports-centric, it leads viewers to question where they too can test the boundaries—in medicine, in media, in law, in science, in writing, in activism.

As I sit here, writing, I am reminded of all the women before me who dared and dreamed and pushed. Because of them, I am able to attend Birmingham-Southern, able to pursue the career of my choice, and am able to have my voice heard.

On this March 8th, lets ask ourselves what “crazy” can really do.