"Magnolias": A Poem by Mallory Schirm

© Mallory Schirm 2019

A Poem by Mallory Shirm

Overnight, the magnolias erupted.

White and pink unfurling

where only buds had been before.

The sun beat down and the

Earth smelled of rain.

But winter wasn’t over.

They fell because they were first,

becoming brown and wrinkled

as soon as they hit the ground,

trod on by countless feet.

The brief moment of beauty

already forgotten.

Until the keeper came to sweep

the once magnificent magnolias

out of our memories.


Overnight, you and I erupted.

Red words unfurling,

the corners of your mouth

turning up like a secret.

And the Earth smelled of spring

and the goatman sang.

We fell hard, but then we fell down,

falling to the uneven ground,

as all the questions lurked

like an overnight frost.

Our shoulders hunched

and we too wrinkled and succumbed.

I see magnolias everywhere even now.

But you pick a lone petal up,

not thinking of us.