A Letter from Bagheera's New Editor-in-Chief Hope Tucker

Hey, friends! If you don’t know me, my name is Hope Tucker, and I’m going to be Bagheera’s Editor-in-Chief for the 2019-20 year! I’m a rising senior English Major/ Music Minor from Lake View, Alabama, and some of my favorite activities are playing worship music with my twin sister Heather, singing with my Concert Choir family, reading and writing like a true English nerd, and negotiating with my professors to bring snacks and have class outside (because it’s always worth a shot)!

I am so thankful to have received such wonderful support from my fellow editors over the years to get to where I am now (shout-out to Hannah Scofield, especially, for her never-ending encouragement and patience!), and I’m excited to take on this challenge because I still have a lot of growing to do!

Like a lot of people who become involved in journalism, my learning process has been mostly experience-based. When I first joined the Bagheera staff as News and Opinion Editor at the beginning of my sophomore year, I really didn’t know much about journalism. I knew that I loved to write, but I had never written news articles before and only had vague ideas of where to begin.

I’ve definitely become a better writer from trial and error since starting with Bagheera, but probably the absolute best part of the job for me has been the sense of connection I’ve been able to develop with my campus community.

Everyone at BSC (from the professors, faculty, students, and on down to the campus cats!) is such a vital part of the Hilltop, and y’all amaze me every day with your insane talents, your kindness, and your incredible sense of individuality. Never before have I been in a group of people who are so different from one another yet so connected, and I can’t wait to continue sharing stories of your successes and doing my part to keep this family atmosphere strong and growing.

If anyone ever wants to contribute to Bagheera or draw our attention to any newsworthy campus happenings, don’t hesitate to contact me at hetucker@bsc.edu.

My number-one goal with Bagheera this year is to get as many people as involved as I can! Journalism is about the people, and I’m pretty blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people as yourselves.

Goodbye for now and have a great summer!