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Could We See a New Caf Next Year?

Where the administration is with its foodservice contract selection process.

Many students have heard that the school’s administration is in the process of reviewing our contract with Aramark and exploring new options for our campus. This is exciting news for everyone, seeing as it is no secret that our campus foodservices are almost universally disliked. Any student here has heard countless complaints about the Caf’s lack of quality and options or gripes about having to eat Subway all the time.

Dr. David Eberhardt, Vice President for Student Development, explains that the process begins with a team of administrators who discuss criteria for what food services should be on campus. A proposal is developed and sent to different companies, who craft their own proposals, which they then send back to the school. The administrative taskforce will select a few standout options to pursue further. When they reach a decision, they formulate a recommendation that will be adopted by the college’s senior leadership. After that, the minutia and fine print of the contract is negotiated. When all is said and done, the new contract is implemented on campus.

Our contract taskforce has started meeting to discuss criteria for what food services at BSC should be. Dr. Eberhardt hopes that they will be on pace to arrive at a decision this spring, which could allow for implementation over the summer. While overall goals are clear, many details are still up for discussion.

“Maybe we’ll decide the Caf won’t be open the whole time," Dr. Eberhardt says. "That saves dollars that could be invested in other ways.” These possibilities are exciting, but Dr. Eberhardt was sure to stress that no decisions have been made and that criteria should stay liberal.

“The more general we put those criteria, the more freedom it gives the companies to have some creativity and variety in what they come back with in their proposals,” Dr. Eberhardt says. Such flexibility could mean dining options we have never seen before, which may include different food service locations, such as the library or academic quad.

Details are sparse, but the possibilities are mouth watering. Within the next couple of years, we could see a whole new approach to dining on our campus.

Feature pic via Creative Commons.